Rogers Cattle Company       

Our Livestock


Our herd consists primarily of fall calving Red Angus cows which are mated to Red Angus bulls.  We strive to produce cattle that are adapted to our area, that grow well and have excellent carcass merit.  Our cows thrive on fescue based pastures and have great maternal ability.  We utilize artificial insemination and raise and/or purchase the best clean up bulls we can find to enhance the quality of our herd.  We offer Red Angus bulls and females in consignment sales and private treaty sales from the farm.

We also have a select group of Black Angus and commercial cows.  Recently we have A.I. bred them to Simmental bulls and followed with Red Angus bulls.  The bulls, steers and heifers from this system should offer great advantages to our farm and to our customers.  We offer commercial bred heifers and feeder steers each summer.  Contact us for details.

Since 2005 we have sold Angus beef from our farm and at farmers markets.  Our beeves are grown on pasture with minimal supplementation to improve marbling and provide a more consistent taste and tenderness.  We do not use steroid implants or other additives for growth promotions.  Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility and comes in vacuum sealed packages for a long shelf life.


We chose to raise Katahdin hair sheep for their low maintenance and excellent maternal and carcass traits.  Our ewes lamb on pasture during April-May and are very efficient.  Ewe lambs and wethers are available in the fall and winter.  We also sell mature ewes private treaty.  Our lambs are 100% grass fed and they are processed at a USDA inspected facility and are available at area farmers markets.

Pasture Pigs

Our newest venture is pasture pork.  We have purchased weaned feeder pigs for finishing in our woodlands and pastures.  RCC pasture pork has been well received and we are trying to keep up with demand.  The pigs really enjoy the acorns and other tasty treats they find in the woods.  Also they are provided with fresh water and an all-natural local grain mix.  You can find our pasture pork at our farm or the farmers markets we attend.  

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